About Us

InternsValley is a matchmaking platform that links startup companies with talented interns and trainees (of university students and fresh graduates) to recruit them fo co-building their projects with low cost (for 3 to 6 months and up to 12 months), and to help young people to develop their skills and professional experience through pre-job positions.

"Internsvalley GmbH" is the registered company that was founded in Berlin (Germany). It has 2 offices in EMEA region, one in Cairo (Egypt), the other in Dubai (UAE). It provides 2 kinds of products to serve entrepreneurship and education arenas;

A) The online matchmaking platform (InternsValley.com) that provides:

* Practical learning opportunities (internship, traineeship) for college students.
* Profiles of startup companies from EMEA region, that have ability to host interns and students to work with them.
* Bulk of outsourced opportunities of events and programs related to education, jobs and entrepreneurship.
* Professional profiles of talented university students ready to work with entrepreneurs.

Only 3 steps needed to utilize InternsValley's platform:

For Startups to start a call for interns or trainees:

1. Register an account to your startup: https://internsvalley.com/startup-signup
2. Build a complete profile to your venture: http://internsvalley.com/startup
3. Post a description for position you need to talents in: http://internsvalley.com/jobs/create

For Students and Talents to get practical learning experience:
1. Register a "student/fresh grade" account: https://internsvalley.com/student-signup
2. Build a complete profile to yourself: http://internsvalley.com/profile
3. Check out the opportunities section and apply to a suit one for you: https://internsvalley.com/opportunities

B) Talent Acquisition (premium service):

To source high quality talented interns in short time who can work in your startup company, through 2 phases:
1. Once you ask this service, we share the positions needed to your comapny through the platform. We publish through our digital marketing channels and among our pool of talents.

2. Our Team hold a full hiring process (assesments and interviews "personal and technical") to provide high quality and good matched persons to the position's criteria and your teamwork.

We at InternsValley care to supervise the relationship between startup and the intern/trainee during the sharing experience period to ensure that all is going well with both of them.

Start making best shareing to professional experience for your startup project or career path through InternsValley!

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