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Job Title Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Salary Paid

Company Location Berlin

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

- complete computer-science degree and good understanding of algorithms and data-structures
- front-end experience with REACT and webpack
- back-end nodejs and docker
- knowledge of graphql (or comparable query language)
- good comunications skills in english
- willing to manage a team

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced full-time software engineer with good algorithmic knowledge. Your responsibility is to built new software products for the European trucking-logistics market.
Our main product is a route planning tool for dispatchers ("google maps for trucks",

Full stack means that you need a good understanding of both front end technologies (html, css, react, webpack) and back-end technologies (nodejs, graphql and docker). Additionally, we have developed very interesting own algorithms and implemented them in C++.
A good understanding of algorithms and data-structures is important. Through the first month we want to see if you fit to our team. Then you would be a full member of our development team of IMPARGO and you will be working from Cairo.

About The Company

IMPARGO is a IT development startup in the logistics branch and developes automated freight matching technology.

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