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Job Title Media Research Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Dubai

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

Media research analysts, individuals need to possess at least a bachelor's degree in a major relevant to the focused industry. Media research analysts must be efficient at finding, reviewing, and monitoring information in addition to summarizing that data in reports and presentations. Strong Internet research, math, writing, reading, and organizational skills are generally needed. The ability to create multimedia presentations might be required. Any degree subject is acceptable, although journalism, psychology, business studies, communications, media studies, marketing or management may be particularly helpful. ** Paid or voluntary work experience gained with a media evaluation company or within marketing/PR can be advantageous.

Job Description

Media research analyst collect and evaluate information available publicly via news organizations, government reports, online forms, blogs, news sites, and other sources. This analyst take advantage of this public information to create reports for businesses, governments, and other organizations for research, marketing, and planning. The job responsibilities include: selecting research methods appropriate to pre-defined client criteria, reading press releases and broadcast coverage and assessing them, analyzing campaign performance and research results, making presentations and writing reports, and press cutting.

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