Internship Details

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Job Title Graphic Design Intern

Salary Paid

Company Location Dubai

Duration 3 Month

Job Requirements

-Experience with Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, PowerPoint / Keynotes, Word, Excel.
-Strong PowerPoint skills are a plus. -Video editing and web designing skills are preferred, though not required.
-Adaptive design eye and skill
-Attention to detail
-Excellent communication skills
-Ability to absorb and apply constructive criticism from peers and clients

Job Description

As a graphic designer, you will be creating visual aspects of marketing materials, websites and other media, including infographics, powerpoints, social media posts, and more, both for XploreX.and our client firms. You will also work in putting together disparate elements of a design created by another professional, such as the icons, photographs and other components necessary for a consulting proposal or social media posts.

About The Company

Xplorex was established to cater for the Arab community in the field of personal development. The core principle of our work is based on the premise that the best way of learning is simply by doing and experiencing. We believe that learning is more effective if done in a leisurely and casual setting. Consequently, we will attempt to practice all the core processes of learning in a fun, relaxed, and casual yet professional atmosphere to bring the best out of the program’s participants. Our mission is to create learning experiences to inspire ..

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