Name Happiness-Play

City Dubai

Startup Overview

We are the solution that enables you to take hold of your life and be happier. Research began over 10 years ago with the intention to design a methodology that would provide individuals and organizations with tools to measure and continually improve happiness. Over the years Happiness Play, Auto-Coaching and Pedro Amador, our founder, presence on social and traditional media speaking about the methodology outlined in his 3 published books has increased substantially. In addition to our strong presence in the media, we have been developing and testing the technology which converts the methodology from a traditional book to an innovative app with over 30,000 users and 4,300 individuals trained using the methodology. Business Summary: Our vision is to make the people happier. Our mission is to provide the tools individuals and organizations need to create and sustain happiness. Happiness is a journey and we believe in supporting, through innovative scientific methodologies, the organizations and individuals, to achieve and sustain suitable levels of happiness.

Strategic Partners